Holiday Table Outreach

What is the Holiday Table Outreach?

The Bridge Family Pantry will host an “Open Pantry” month this November. The pantry will be open during Bridge Café for any member or attender to come without an appointment to pick up one bag of groceries for themselves or a friend, neighbor or family member that would benefit. Bags will be available at a table in the Bridge Café or in The Bridge Family Pantry, J-102 every Sunday in November.

Why Holiday Table Outreach?

Each family at The Bridge Bible Fellowship in the English or Hispanic congregation will have the opportunity to give a bag of groceries to a family in our community. Pray that the Lord will show you who you can bless with this special gift. This will be a great opportunity to invite others to visit our church or attend a holiday service with you. It will also show our community that we are a loving, giving church.

Each grocery bag will include: information about our church, grocery staples, holiday food items, and a $25 grocery gift card.

How you can help (Download & Print the List):

We will be collecting donations of the following grocery items*. If you would like to help, please pick up one or more items from this list and bring it to TBBF with you.

  • Stuffing Mix
  • Instant Mashed Potatoes
  • Gravy Packets
  • Cranberry Sauce (canned)
  • Pumpkin or pie filling (canned)
  • Sweet Potatoes or Yams (canned)
  • Non-perishable pie shells

Additionally, we would appreciate monitary donations or grocery gift cards in the amount of $25 each. 

Donations can be dropped off in the C building before or between services.
*We are no longer accepting Food Bank Box donations (as we are all stocked up on these food items – thank you!)
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