Worship Matters 6.19.2024

My Soul Will Wait (Psalm 62)

One of the songs we’ll be singing together this week was written by Sovereign Grace Music in 2022. Inspired from Psalm 62, it calls the believer to trust in God as his refuge and hope. Despite the many and varied challenges of life, we can rely upon the one who has given us life, who gives new life in Christ, and will give eternal life. Therefore, we can “wait in silence for God only, for my hope is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I shall not be shaken.” (Ps 62:5-6) In order to combat worry and fear, we must learn to fix our hope on the Lord. The chorus of the song reflects why we can have confidence in the Lord. 

You’re my solid rock and my salvation
My steadfast hope that won’t be shaken
My soul will wait my soul will wait for You

You’re my comfort when I feel forsaken
My refuge and my sure foundation
My soul will wait my soul will wait for You

The psalm also reminds us that we can “pour out our hearts before Him” (Ps 62:8). Our Strong Refuge desires us to honestly and earnestly come before Him in prayer. So then let us continue to learn how to wait on the Lord, trusting and leaning on Him for our strength.

Sunday Songs

Here are the songs we’ll be singing together this week. Follow the links below for our Spotify or Youtube playlists. You can also click here to download the lyrics for these songs. 

  1. Rejoice
  2. Christ Our Hope In Life & Death
  3. My Soul Will Wait (Psalm 62)
  4. I Surrender All / We Fall Down
  5. Blessed Assurance

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Can’t wait for Sunday!