Step 1: Receive Invitation Email

Start the process by sending an email to Request an invitation to join the Faithlife group.

Once you receive the email invitation and sign up to join the Faithlife group you can then download and use Logos Bible Software for free. This will also allow you to access Christian videos and movies on

Did I already received an invitation?
Check your email by searching for the subject line: “Randy Leinen invited you to join The Bridge Bible Fellowship.” This email comes from “Faithlife.”

If you requested an invitation and have NOT received an email from Faithlife, then simply email to request another invitation.

Step 2: Sign Up on Faithlife

After you receive the email you can follow the instructions below to help you register for the Faithlife account.
Registration Instructions File (click here)

Step 3: Download Logos Software

Once you register for a Faithlife account you will be able to download and install the Logos Bible software from You can choose from either a desktop application, mobile app, or even use Logos online.

For initial help on how to install or use Logos Bible Software, you can visit the following page: 

Step 4: Learn How To Use Logos Software

Watch a video tutorial that shows the basics of how to use the Logos software.
The video assumes the following:

  1. You have already signed up for your free Faithlife account and accepted the invitation to “The Bridge Bible Fellowship” group.
  2. You have downloaded and installed Logos 9 on your computer.

Accessing Faithlife TV

In your web browser, go to
Then use your login credentials, if needed, and enjoy the videos!

IMPORTANT: Most of the videos are good biblical resources. However, there may be some content that does not adhere to the doctrinal positions of The Bridge Bible Fellowship. So, just as you would in a Christian bookstore, be discerning of everything you find to determine if it is appropriate content.

I hope you enjoy using this great software tool to help you study God’s Word, and Faithlife TV to enjoy good Christian content.