Grandparents…”Find HOPE for Today” Online Event

“Find HOPE for Today” Online Event

September 17-20, 2020

During challenging times, it’s easy to feel discouraged and lose hope. However, we want to be a major encouragement to you! In this online event, you will:

Enjoy 3 hours of inspiring content from our hosts/speakers
View at your convenience (event is on-demand)
Get free access for 4 days (Sept. 17-20)

Watch on your own or with a friend


  1. Helping Our Grandchildren Navigate the Cultural Forces – John Stonestreet
  2. Grandparenting Through a Pandemic – Ken Canfield
  3. Finding Hope When Doors Are Being Slammed Shut – Valerie Bell
  4. Focusing on Hope Through Difficult Circumstances – Joannie DeBrito
  5. Restoring Family Relationships – Rob Rienow

How to Join the Event

Once registered, on September 17th, you will receive an email link to click to access this online event.
You’ll have four days to watch and re-watch the sessions before your access expires.

Sunday, September 13th, is GRANDPARENTS DAY!

Grandparents enjoy your special day! Try to spend time with your grandkids, either in person or virtually.


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