How Are You Handling the Changes?

This has been a crazy year for everyone!  The Coronavirus has changed so many aspects of our lives.  For many, these changes have caused added pressure and have made life more challenging. Added pressure in our lives intensifies the normal struggles we have with things like anger, anxiety and fear, conflict with others, depression, etc. Normal struggles become greater struggles.  If you are a Christian, there is hope.

  1. You have God’s word. God has real solutions for today’s challenge and struggles we face.
  2. You have the Holy Spirit to enable you to apply God’s solutions to our struggles.
  3. You have the power of prayer and God Himself who is our help and refuge.
  4. You have the body of Christ who support each other. Some of our brothers and sisters, in the body of Christ have been trained to skillfully assist others to overcome their challenges and struggles God’s way.

At The Bridge Counseling Center we offer you biblical solutions and loving help.  Whether you are a mature believer who just needs to talk and get an objective perspective from God’s word or you’re a relatively new Christian who needs more time and support, our ACBC certified biblical counselors are here to help you. Currently our meetings are held via confidential Zoom or phone.  In person meetings can be arranged following proper social distancing protocols.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, get confidential help from a trained biblical counselor today.  Simply email and let us know you’d like to talk with a counselor.

The Bridge Counseling Center
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