1 & 2 Peter – NASB Study Notebook

1st & 2nd Peter Scripture Study Notebook

As you know, Pastor Paul started a series on Sunday morning, preaching through the book of 1st Peter. We have an excellent resource for you that you will be able to use take notes and interact with the Bible text. It is a journal Bible that contains the 1995 New American Standard text of 1st & 2nd Peter, along with blank pages that allow you to take side-by-side notes.

These study tools will be available at the information center 30 minutes before and 15 minutes after each service. Just use the QR code to make your purchase. Cash is also accepted. If you missed the info center you’ll also find a display in the K Building with a QR code. If all else fails, just stop in the office and Marc Boeker, Associate Pastor of Administration would love to help get one of these into your hands.

We pray this Scripture Study Notebook will be a blessing to you as we study 1 Peter together!

NOTE: If you are unable to pay, please feel free to still take a notebook. Just let us know if you picked one up. Send an email to marc@bridgebible.org.

NASB scripture study notebooks - interior layout sample