Worshipping at The Bridge – Revised

Join us on Sundays at 9:00 am in the Worship Center.

We will also have Burch Hall open, as well as K-8 in the K Building, if you prefer to sit there to watch the livestream.

For our latest information, please refer to the email Pastor Randy sent on behalf of the Elders on Wednesday, June 16th. I am including a copy of the email below in case you missed it. See you Sunday!

Dear Church Family,
I’m sure that you have heard about the new policies by our State and local authorities in force as of June 15th. They are outlined on the LA County Public Health website (publichealth.lacounty.gov). The document linked below has specific information regarding the wearing of masks.


In this document there are requirements for wearing masks and there are numerous exceptions for when masks are not required. We have decided as a church leadership that we will NOT police, judge, nor challenge anyone’s reason for claiming an exception to mask-wearing, in ANY of our ministries, whether on or off campus. We simply urge each person to read and familiarize yourself with the County mask-wearing requirements and their exceptions. You are then free to follow your conscience in this matter.

In simpler terms, we will not challenge anyone as to why they are or are not wearing a mask in any setting on our campus. However, we urge and trust that you will be prayerful in seeking the Lord, learning the regulations of the county, and following the personal application of the regulations for your family, even if it is unreasonable or difficult.

This new policy will be in effect immediately. If anyone wishes to wear more protective mask coverings in any of our ministries on campus, which are likely to have a mixture of people with masks on and people without masks, we will make N95 masks available to you at the Information Center.

As always we seek to please the Lord in everything we do, even when it is difficult. So we appreciate your patience and your prayers as we continue to work at honoring and submitting to our governing authorities.

If you have any questions please feel free to talk to any of the elders or pastoral staff.

Pastor Randy, on behalf of the Elders
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