TBBF Paid & Volunteer Positions Available

We have both paid and volunteer positions available. Can you help? Are you interested or do you know of someone looking for a position? 

Please prayerfully consider how the Lord may be leading you to use your gifts and serve our body:


Bridge Café

  • PAID part-time position: We are looking for a qualified Coordinator.
  • More volunteers are also needed (set up and clean up).
  • If you were a Bridge Café volunteer before the pandemic and are planning on continuing to serve, please let me know!

Bridge Kids

  • PAID part-time position: Administrative/Sunday Coordinator (29 hrs./week – church member, excellent communication skills, familiar with M.S. Office, available to work Sunday mornings, etc.).
  • Volunteer Teachers needed (must be member of TBBF).
  • Volunteer Assistants needed.


  • PAID full-time position: Maintenance Assistant (Cleans the A, B, C, D Buildings and Amigo as well as cleans A, C, I restrooms throughout the week and makes sure all rooms are clean and ready for Sunday usage).


Medical Staff

  • It is imperative that we have a rotation of qualified medical professionals available for emergencies on Sunday mornings.
  • Needed: nurses, EMTs, doctors.

New Parking Lot Team!

  • Because of upcoming changes to our parking, there will be a need for many volunteer parking lot attendants on Sunday mornings (on a rotation basis).


  • More volunteers to walk the campus on Sunday mornings (men or women on a rotation basis).

Please pray and earnestly ask the Lord if you might be someone who could serve in one of these areas. We really need help. We cannot state it strongly enough. To indicate interest and for more information, please contact Diane Brown at dbrown@bridgebible.church. THANK YOU!!!

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