June 17th at noon

PRAISE! The Leinens are home safely! Thank you all for praying. They are thrilled to be back in So Cal. Please keep praying for pain control, healing of the incision, increased lung strength, no coughing, and lots of sleep.

And please pray for Joe & Tim Leinen as they drive back from Houston for the next 2 days. 🙏😇👍

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 June 16th at 6:00 pm

Pastor Paul received word that Pastor Randy was cleared by his surgeon today to fly home tomorrow morning with Susan. Please pray for travel mercies. Also, please pray for Joe and Tim as they drive home from Houston tomorrow.

June 13th at 10:00 am

Susan: We have tickets to fly home Wednesday morning (6/17). (Sooo looking forward to being home!) Tim is planning to fly out to help Joe drive home. Please pray for Tim to get a couple days off work. Also continue to pray for less pain, good sleep, coughing, breathing and increase in energy and endurance. Thank you so much for your prayers – they are evidence of your love and the Spirit in you.

June 11th at 7:00 pm

Pastor Paul received this picture from Susan this morning. Randy has been out on walks with Susan in the neighborhood (Houston). Still need to pray for control of the pain, lung capacity to increase, no infections, healing of the wound, and good sleep.

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June 9th at 9:45 am

Randy had the staples removed and will be discharged from the hospital TODAY! He stayed a few extra days due to a fever and some fluid build up. He is now only using Tylenol and Ibuprofen for pain. Please pray for no more fever, more consistent sleep, grace to endure the pain and keep His eyes on Jesus during the rough times of any given day. Also pray for Susan Leinen as she will take care of Randy in an AirBNB in Texas until the doctors say he can travel back to California. Give God praise for bringing our dear friend through such dangerous surgery and for giving wisdom / skill to medical professionals. We are the rich recipients of God’s blessings on this nation.

June 6th at 9:00 am

Susan: Today is not discharge day after all 😕. His white blood cell count is “trending up” instead of down. He has a urine test today and they will retest his blood tomorrow morning. I know the Lord’s timing is perfect. Please pray for no infection, increase energy and appetite, good pain control without narcotics. Also, this might seem like a small thing but Randy has a LOT of hiccups and coughing which is quite painful and keeps him from sleeping.

His pain was at a new low of “3” this morning – PTL!

June 5th at 9:00 am

Susan: Great praise – Randy should be discharged tomorrow!

June 3rd at 12:08 pm

Pastor Paul: “Prayer update for Randy Leinen: he had a small injection into the vocal cords this morning to get them to align properly for better breathing and coughing. It will last for about 1 month until the nerve heals on its own. He isn’t supposed to talk for 24 hours (that’s like a year for a preacher). One hour visit restrictions were lifted, so Susan can spend a lot more time at the hospital with Randy.

Pray for pain relief, blood pressure control, and that he can walk without getting a headache. And pray for Susan to be filled with God’s grace, peace, and hope, as she tirelessly serves her precious husband. Thank you!”

June 2nd at 11:24 am

Susan: “The last 24 hours have been a bit rough! Please pray for Randy’s headache that can suddenly rage from 0 to 10. This is related to the spine puncture and can continue for several weeks. Also his pain is still really hard to manage. They keep trying different combinations but it’s frustrating especially at night when I’m not hear to help. Also it’s really important to keep his BP high enough. It dipped too low last night so please pray that it would stay at the right level. They are keeping him in ICU until they are sure it is stable. He is continuing to heal – now on solid food, less tubes but he is discouraged because he isn’t able to walk, move to a regular room, etc. please pray for me to be able to encourage him and help him while I am here. Thank you for your prayer and support! I am looking forward to getting him past the worst of this.”

June 1st at 5:00 pm

Pastor Paul: “Prayer update for Randy Leinen: it was a tough night last night as Randy had the worst headache of his life. Today they did a blood patch which made the headache go away. They removed the oxygen line today and he should be able to move to a lower level hospital room tomorrow. He no longer has food restrictions so Susan might be able to bring in some food for him to eat tonight. If all continues to go well, Randy will be discharged from the hospital by the end of the week. They will stay in Houston (AirBNB) for a few weeks for follow up appointments before they head back home. Thank you for continuing to pray!”

May 31th at 6:01 pm

Susan: “Lots of praises today – it was a “turning the corner” type day

  • Tim and Paul were both given exceptions to visit yesterday.
  • Better night
  • better pain level today, starting to get some relief from the headache
  • all drain tubes have now been removed
  • up walking twice – exhausting but steady and more than doubled distance the 2nd time.
  • a little appetite and clear liquids
  • I’ve been able to spend several hours at each visit
  • breathing is better
  • Randy said “I can feel God’s spirit putting his mercy on me in all these things and how my recovery is right on schedule. All the specifics of the prayers are being answered. “

Prayer Requests:

  • hallucinations
  • solid food diet starts tomorrow- pray for good digestion
  • gospel conversations randy had today with surgeon – dr dean, nurse – Ali, PT – mark, nurse – Pedro, orderly – homer”

May 29th at 10:46 pm

Susan: “This evening’s update: Randy made some great progress today. The drain was removed from his spine, the NG tube was removed, and he moved from the cardiac care unit to a private room in the ICU which is great progress. He is now drinking a little water and tomorrow they plan to have him standing and sitting in a chair. He is still having pain issues but the nursing staff has been great about trying find solutions. Pray for good sleep and energy and courage for tomorrow.”

May 29th at 1:00 pm

Susan: “Morning update: pain down to a 4, starting to take out the tubes. The big goal today is to take out the spine drain about 12, then he will need to lie flat for 4-6 hours. After that they will move him out of the CVU. I’m hoping to see him late afternoon or early evening in a private room. He is talking a little more and sleepy. Pray for better deep breathing. Doctors are saying he is doing really well! PTL / nurses today are Savanah and Courtney”

May 28th at 11:19 am

Susan: “I just saw randy for a little over an hour. Tube is out and he was awake and moving his legs and feet. The doctor says Randy is doing great and everything was moving as expected. Laura (nurse practitioner) also came by and said that she was praying for him and I could tell that Randy was encouraged to see her. He is in a lot of pain and they were working on getting him a pain pump that he can manage with a button. Please pray for his pain. Randy’s day nurses are Bryan and Liam. I’ll get to see him again this afternoon. Praising God for all of your prayers, gifts of love and encouragement. Someone must have been praying for my sleep – I slept better than I have in weeks!”

May 27th at 4:49 pm

Pastor Paul: “The surgery is done and the surgeon said that Randy is doing well. They will move him to ICU and keep him sedated until tomorrow. Susan will be able to go see him in about 2 hours. They will not know until Randy wakes up if there is any nerve damage or paralysis. Please pray that there will be no complications and that Randy will heal completely in the weeks and months to come. Thank you SO MUCH for interceding faithfully for our dear brother and his family. Give God praise for His mercy and grace. So many specific prayers were answered in clear ways. To God be the glory!”

May 27th at 3:08 pm

Susan: “The Dacron replacement is in place. They are in the “drying” stage which means that they are making sure that there is no bleeding before they start closing everything. He is stable and doing well.”

May 27th at 8:56 am

Pastor Paul: “Pastor Randy Leinen went into surgery at 8:45am (Houston time). Surgery should take 6 to 8 hours.”