Last Day for Angel Tree Angels – Online

Angel Tree is a program of Prison Fellowship® that serves incarcerated parents by mobilizing the church and local community to share the love of Christ with their children and families. 

Like last year, Angel Tags will be provided virtually for sponsorship. Individuals will pay directly online to sponsor each gift package which will include a gift card, personal message from the parent, an age-appropriate Gospel presentation, and an opportunity to request a Bible. Prison Fellowship® verifies participation and delivers the sponsored gift. Virtual tags will be available online. Each child receives a Walmart gift card valued at $20 and the additional $5.00 covers all other fees incurred (Custom Christmas card, Evangelical booklet/Bible, packaging materials, freight, etc.) totaling $25.00.

CLICK HERE TO SECURE YOUR ANGEL. Our code is: 5KNKX and our TBBF deadline for sponsorship is Sunday, December 12th.


Here are some FAQ’s that you might find helpful:

Q: What is included in the gift package?

A: At the $25 sponsorship level, the package will include a $20 Walmart gift card, the prisoner- parent message, a Gospel presentation, and an opportunity to request to receive a free Bible.

Q: What will the extra $5 be used for?

A: The $5 will be applied to shipping, handling, and total overhead.

Q: Are funds payable towards sponsoring children through Virtual Angel Tree tax deductible?

A: Yes, these funds are considered a charitable gift.

Q: Why are there so many children located outside of the San Fernando Valley to sponsor?

A: There is a huge need we will be fulfilling by also covering kids in hard to serve areas that do not have a local church. It is always a challenge to find a church to cover some of these children. We will be blessing them with the gospel and a gift from their incarcerated parent.

Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to seeing God change many lives through your participation in Angel Tree.

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