Transformation Group Interest

There is still time to sign up to participate in a Transformation Group, or facilitate one, here is a link for your convenience.

Transformation Group brochures are available (with the Annual Meeting materials) and are currently located on the tables near most entrances, in the Lobby or at the Information Center.

MEETING REMINDER – All TG Facilitators/Life Group Leaders and Coaches are meeting THIS Sunday, October 1st, at 1pm in K-8. Please be sure you’ve RSVP’d by Friday, September 29th, to ensure a meal is available. Thank you!

Questions? Reach out to Pastor Tom at


Here is a copy of another email Pastor Tom sent on September 9th at 9:43am, in case you have signed up, but missed his email:

Choice Bridge Saints,
Thank you for communicating with us your interest in participating in a Transformation Group (TG) of The Bridge Bible Church.  We are so very excited, encouraged and prayerful.

This communication is intended to do three things: Assurance, Expectancy and Clarification.

First, we want to provide assurance that we received your communication conveying interest in our (soon to launch) The Bridge’s Transformation Group Ministry.

Secondarily, we want to communicate to you a high level of expectancy.  Over the next 2-4 weeks, a Transformation Group Facilitator will contact you to determine a time and place to initiate with 2-4 others at The Bridge to form a TG.  And for those of you who will serve as Facilitators, we will be communicating with you over the next 7 to 14 days.

Thirdly, clarification is needed to help align realistic expectations.  This has everything to do with who will be in your initial Transformation Group that will start soon.

Let me help manage your expectations by explaining a few things.  First, I want to thank some of you who indicated who you want to be in your TG.  We will seek to accommodate your desires within reasonable considerations of other priorities.  These other priorities will include pairing in groups those who are already within the same Life Group, ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship), a consideration for proximity and final possible life stages.  The motive behind the pairings will be biblical: unleashing our Bridge Family in discipleship and evangelism (although important) not primarily affinity or friendship.

Please join us in prayer for this exciting life altering and Church unleashing ministry, The Bridge’s Transformation Groups.
Gratefully, Prayerfully & Expectantly
Acts 20:24
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