Our Memorial/Funeral Team Needs More Volunteers!

We are blessed to have a handful of amazing volunteers that work right before our Memorials/Funerals (to set-up rooms, meals, etc.), during (to greet), and after (to take-down/clean-up), with the goal of helping our grieving families be at peace as they make final arrangements for their loved one.

If you have a heart for the grieving, enjoy serving others, and want to be a part of a wonderful team, please consider joining us. There are several positions available – training is provided. Also, the more people we have on the team, the less services each team member needs to serve. Memorial/Funerals are held during the week and occassionally on Saturdays. Physical mobility is important. Also, the ability to lift tables/chairs would be helpful.

Thank you for your consideration. Questions? Contact Diane Baker at 818.776.1500 ext. 136.

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