What’s New at Bridge Kids THIS Week?

What are we learning this Sunday?

2’s & 3’s and PreK/Kinder

This week our younger kids begin a new series called Building Blocks. Each lesson will reveal how God is the builder of Everything. Our first lesson will focus on the “Tower of Babel.” (Both classes will be given Nilla wafer cookies as a snack to represent a tower. If you do not want your child to have these cookies, please provide an alternate snack for them.)


Our 1st – 5th grade class continues their series called Scripture Files. This week’s lesson dives into the question, “Jericho: Did the Walls Really Fall?”

Drive-thru Backpack Giveaway 2021

Our backpack giveaway was a huge success! We are able to give away 504 backpacks. Many people helped in making this outreach event happen and we thank each of you!

Interested in serving in Bridge Kids?

If you are interested in volunteering in our Bridge Kids Ministry, please go here for more detailed information about our current needs on Sunday mornings.

Have a great week!

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